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6 Jul 2023

waveL’s role in the legacy of Ariane 5

The legacy of the Ariane 5 rocket is impressive. Since its inaugural launch in February 2005, the rocket has launched 117 times from Kourou in French Guyana and has entered the history books of global spaceflight with its last launch on 5 July 2023.

waveL has been working with ArianeGroup since 2021, helping to secure coverage of Ariane 5, ArianeGroup’s important research and manufacturing sites in Germany and the development of its successor, Ariane 6, which is in the starting blocks.

The rocket is used to launch a wide variety of satellites, including telecommunications satellites, Earth observation satellites, and scientific satellites. With the last launch in July 2023, carrying the German communications satellite Heinrich Hertz into space.

waveL has helped to raise awareness of Ariane 5 rockets in Germany through a variety of channels, including press releases and media coverage, as well as supporting events to showcase the capabilities of ArianeGroup, across Ottobrunn and Bremen sites.

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