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24 Apr 2023

waveL at Space Resources Week, Luxembourg

waveL communications attended Space Resources Week in Luxembourg, a leading conference dedicated to space resource exploration, mining, and utilisation.

Markus Payer, waveL’s founder and owner and Chair of the Asteroid Foundation, based in Luxembourg, met key players of the international space cluster, including the Grand Duchy’s Minister of Economy, Franz Foyer, European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Matthias Maurer, as well as delegates from ESA and Luxembourg’s Space Agency (LSA).

Space Resources Week is an annual gathering of international space organisations, policy makers, scientists, and industry leaders, who come together to discuss the latest advancements in space technology and exploration. The conference featured a range of interactive workshops, panel discussions, and networking events, with a focus on developing sustainable and economically viable solutions for space resource utilisation.

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