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7 Mar 2024

waveL and StudioRPR join forces to serve clients in Europe, U.S., Middle East, and Asia

The communication and consultancy companies StudioRPR in Italy and waveL in Luxembourg forge a partnership to combine their expertise and enhance their service offerings to international clients.

waveL is a communication agency that offers clients in space, high-tech, finance, R&D, and governments strategic intelligence, compelling storytelling and the design and execution of international or local campaigns. Founded in 2019 and based in Luxembourg, waveL translates highly sophisticated technologies into narratives, drives the production of editorial and digital content and supports clients to develop their profile, grow their footprint, conquer new markets, and demonstrate excellence and leadership. waveL works with a multilingual team with sector-specific expertise and sound address books and operates through hubs in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

StudioRPR is a team of communication experts and young innovators that offers solutions and services for business and product development, to grow clients’ visibility, enhance their reputation, attract talent, and accompany them on their strategic journey. StudioRPR was founded in 2014 and is based in Carpi, Modena (Italy). Its vision and mission are to bring creativity to businesses and leverage its international partner network to deliver on clients’ needs and guarantee the effective execution of their projects. StudioRPR serves clients across various sectors like space, automotive, biotech, sports, and performing arts. StudioRPR has branched out to the UK, France, Germany, India and the U.S.

“The partnership of waveL and StudioRPR combines the expertise of two successful PR agencies and allows us to complement and grow our service and client portfolios,” said waveL founder and director Markus Payer. “By joining forces, we can harness our expertise and provide added value to current and future clients.”

“Our teams of skilled communicators and sector-experts and our geographical footprints are highly complementary,” said StudioRPR founder and CEO Raffaello Porro. “This will bring significant advantages to our clients, to drive their businesses and deliver on their ambitious strategic and communication goals.”

Together, StudioRPR and waveL cover Europe, U.S., Middle East and Asia. They combine expertise and intelligence in aerospace, automotive, biotech, food, semiconductors, R&D, sports, entertainment & culture, government & investor relations, infrastructure, and finance.

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