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21 Jun 2023

UK continues to drive European space

[United Kingdom, 21 June 2023] – In early June, waveL had the pleasure of speaking with representatives from UK Space Agency and industry about the UK plans for the future, attending Space Comm Expo, Farnborough and speaking to stakeholders at Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, Harwell. 

The UK has a rich history of leading innovative engineering and technological solutions in answering global challenges. There are challenges and opportunities which come with new technologies, as we have seen with AI, as outlined by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at London Tech Week. Speaking with industry, it’s evident that there is confidence, as the UK is continuing to drive its national space strategy, significantly contributing to Europe’s wider space objectives, capabilities and ambitions.

Backed by the government, investment in high-tech sectors, including space, is at the top of the political and industrial agenda giving industry confidence to transform concepts into realities. We’re looking forward to working with UK based clients, as we strive to serve such a growing and ambitious market, bringing science and technology communications to new markets, policy and decision makers and the wider public.

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