ESA and Asteroid Day Launch SpaceConnectsUs

Who else would know better how to live in confinement and isolation than astronauts? This was the basic idea behind #spaceconnectsus, a virtual platform and global town hall meeting with astronauts, scientists and celebrities to talk to us about life in the Covid-19 crisis. Millions of people connected on 26 March 2020 to the platform we launched together with the European Space Agency (ESA). An overwhelming success. More:  


Asteroid Day Attracts Millions of People Every Year

Asteroid Day is an official United Nations day of education and awareness that aims to inspire the world about asteroids - their role in the formation of our universe, how we can use their resources in the future, how asteroids can pave the way for future exploration and how we can protect our planet from asteroid impacts. Since February 2020, I am Chairman of the Board of the Asteroid Foundation. More: 


C-Band Alliance: Win the 5G Race in the U.S.

The C-Band Alliance was formed to support the speedy introduction of 5G in the U.S. As Director of Communications of the CBA based in Washington DC, I supported its strategic positioning, communications and the development of its narrative, messaging and digital footprint. Find out more in this video produced by the CBA:


Luxembourg Leads on Nation Branding

Six years ago, Luxembourg successfully initiated its Nation Branding project, defining and developing the Grand Duchy's image, reputation and brand as a smart nation and a laboratory for 21st century solutions in the world. I am supporting the project team in the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. Find out more:


Luxembourg at EXPO 2020 in Dubai

From end of 2016 to May 2019, I was member of the project and management team responsible for the concept, planning and construction of the country's pavilion at EXPO 2020 in Dubai and continue to support that team. Find out more about Luxembourg at EXPO 2020:


"Making a Difference": SES Published ESG Report

Carbon footprint and environmental impact analyses, good citizenship and societal contributions, the improvement of gender diversity and corporate governance compliance are key to a company's profile and personality. We elaborated a detailed ESG report at SES, take a look here:


SES Launched Luxembourg's GovSat-1

One of the most important launch campaigns we conducted over the many years at SES was the launch of Luxembourg's GovSat-1 satellite from Cape Canaveral in January  2018 in the presence of Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and HRH Guillaume, the Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg. Find out more about GovSat:


SES Connected Jordan Refugee Camp

In 2016, SES partnered with SOLARKIOSK to connect the school of the Zataari refugee camp in Jordan. The project delivered electricity, educational tools, and broadband connectivity to the education center run by UNICEF and Relief International.


SES Joined Clinton Global Initiative

In 2014, SES joined the Clinton Global Initiative with SATMED, a global satellite-based eHealth communications platform. SATMED offers NGO's, hospitals,  universities and healthcare providers open-access e-health services and supports e-care, e-learning, e-surveillance, e-health management and e-health financing.


Luxembourg and SES Support Friendship NGO in Bangladesh

For many years, we worked on supporting Friendship, an admirable NGO founded in Bangladesh by the charismatic Runa Khan who transformed Greenpeace's "Rainbow Warrior" into a swimming hospital and transforms the lives of the most vulnerable people in remote communities in Bangladesh.


SES Globally Deployed

Brilliant engineers came up with the  idea, SES and Luxembourg developed and deployed it globally: the aid kit, built around an easily transportable, inflatable and quickly installable communication unit. Connecting doctors and human aid organisations over night wherever it is urgently needed. Find out more about


German tabloid BILD on an Ariane rocket

We were first, at SES ASTRA in 2011, to put a media partner mission logo on the fairing of an Ariane rocket. ASTRA 1N was launched from Kourou in French Guiana with the logo and signature of Europe's largest newspaper, BILD. More: