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Translating complex technologies into relatable and impactful stories

Space & New Space

Space drives societal and economic development.

Space impacts Earth and helps us cope with major challenges: climate change, energy shortage, traffic, connectivity, and security. With more than 15 years of experience we understand the industry, its geopolitical implications and ecosystems and develop sound strategies and campaigns for our partners and clients.

Telecommunications, Media & IT

Connectivity fuels the digital and green transformation.

Telecommunications, Media and IT are leading the societal and economic change. We highlight our clients’ pivotal role in these sectors and show their importance in connecting people and the planet. We develop engaging narratives and efficient outreach campaigns, on a global level and across multimedia platforms.

Semiconductors & Microelectronics

Microchips power every aspect of our modern life.

Nothing works without microchips. We support the sector to cope with its key challenges: chip shortage, 5G, AI, electric cars, sustainability and geopolitics. We help educate stakeholders, attract, and captivate new ones, shape our clients’ go-to-market approaches, and aid to claim strategic and technological leadership.

Agribusiness, Biotech & Chemicals

Global food security for billions of people and our planet.

A productive and sustainable agriculture is key for a global and secure food supply. We have supported major industry players in the agri-tech and biotech business to build compelling stories and campaigns and educate large audiences on the importance of smart plant science and crop protection technologies.

Climate, Energy & Mobility

Our planet’s resources, both natural and renewable, are critical.

A sustainable use of our resources is key to protect our climate and planet. We work with clients to turn their challenges into opportunities, explain complex and innovative technologies and products, translate them in clear and concise narratives, growing their business and leading societies into a cleaner and more green future.

Driving your business, accelerating into new markets.

We deliver complex and strategic communications strategies, translating existing and new products, technologies, and services into value-adding campaigns. We learn fast, respond rapidly, and have the expertise to accelerate your plans.

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