About us

Storytellers delivering strategic advantage to our clients

Our mission is to design and implement communication campaigns that deliver strategic value to our customers.

waveL was born when we realised that organisations who want to grow and conquer new markets must leave their comfort zone, reach out to new stakeholders, and attract talent. waveL translates highly sophisticated technologies into compelling narratives. We support our clients to reach larger audiences, show business excellence and demonstrate strategic and technological leadership.

Proactive, smart, and strategically integrated communications give you a profile and a personality, becoming a key accelerator, a value driver and a protective shield of your organisation.

Our agile team cultivates the art of strategic storytelling to find out who you are, carve out your profile, and translate it into innovative and compelling narratives. We turn complex technical issues into relatable, memorable, and impactful stories which reach wide audiences, opening up new opportunities.

Industry expertise includes:

  • Space & New Space
  • Telecommunications, Media & IT
  • Semiconductors & Microelectronics
  • Agribusiness, Biotech & Chemicals
  • Climate, Energy & Mobility


We are waveL.
Communications that deliver strategic advantages.

We are proactive

Whether it’s reputation management, movement in the geopolitical sphere or market changes, our team of experienced strategic experts are always-on. When things change, so do we. We’re always evolving. Ready to catch the latest developments, identifying opportunities, keeping you ahead of the curve.

We go beyond

We develop innovative communications around your challenges, answering the questions you present and the ones that we discover. Our deep and always developing market intelligence allows us to anticipate new trends, future- proofing your communications strategy and roadmap.

We deliver

From concept to execution, the people you meet are the people who deliver. Each project provides new challenges, new opportunities. We have maintained loyal partnerships with our clients, developing new thinking and creating new narratives. We grow alongside you, supporting you side by side.

We are scalable

Our clients choose our services for their specific and unique needs. We can work on a project basis, specific and scalable modules or commit to accompany you in a medium to long-term partnership.
We help our clients effectively communicate with their most important stakeholders, conquer new markets and reach their strategic objectives. We integrate communications in your business cycles and your organisational flywheel.
Have a story to tell? Need new thinking?
Let’s work together.

Meet our team

We are a team of curious, passionate and experienced communicators creating European, international, and local campaigns that deliver strategic advantages for you.

Our size makes us agile and flexible. That’s how we like it.
And so do our industry leading clients.

Markus Payer

Founder & Director


Audrey Ripoche-Rey

Senior Manager Communications & Content


Aurélie Kouéta

Senior Manager Development & Digital


Suzanne Halal

Key Accounts - Middle East


Maria Freitas

Office & Social Media


Viktoria Urban

Content & Editorial



Key Accounts Asia


waveL: Trusted by leading industry players and clients

Client stories

Meet our partner

StudioRPR is a team of communication experts and young innovators that offers solutions and services for business and product development, to grow clients’ visibility, enhance their reputation, attract talent, and accompany them on their strategic journey.

StudioRPR was founded in 2014 and is based in Carpi, Modena (Italy).

Its vision and mission are to bring creativity to businesses and leverage its international partner network to deliver on clients’ needs and guarantee the effective execution of their projects.

StudioRPR focuses on the development of new business and the elaboration of sophisticated communication strategies and campaigns. It serves clients across sectors like space, automotive, biotech, sports, and performing arts and branches out from Italy to the UK, France, Germany, India, and the U.S.


Meet the core team of StudioRPR in Italy: Andrea, Dario, Elisa, Lisa, Raffaello, Silvia, and Valentina. They are united by a customer-oriented culture, common goals, and our enthusiasm for technology. The team is complemented abroad by Bob, Carsten, Daniela, Jose, Nicole, Phillip, Sunita, Tanya, and Thim. A network of international professionals ready to get involved in every challenge, some with words, some with images, some with the network.

StudioRPR is led by its founder and owner Raffaello Porro. With profound experience in large industrial groups, Raffaello is responsible for both corporate and product communication and has experience to lead business development teams. Prior to founding StudioRPR, Raffaello was Director Communications of Automobili Lamborghini. He started his career in the Fiat Group, where he held different positions in Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Communication in the following companies: Fiat Avio, Comau, Comau Service, Fiat-GM Powertrain, Lancia, and Fiat Holding.

For more: www.studiorpr.com