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7 Jul 2023

A secure Europe needs a robust and invovative space policy and investment

waveL attended the European Space Forum in Brussels 5-6 July, meeting with European space policy figures and discussing the importance of space in Europe and why the continent must increase its investment and drive on an industrial and policy level.

There was an understanding that whilst there has been progress made in the past years, Europe is lagging behind other leading space faring players. Speakers from the European Commission, European Space Agency (ESA) and key industry players highlighted the increased importance space plays within the European and global economy and security.

Space technologies have the potential to and already are revolutionising many industries, including agriculture, transportation, and energy. Forum’s such as these are vital to making the case to policymakers to increase investment in space, these actions are essential for ensuring Europe’s future in space.

There is a common push to invite Europe to increase its investment in space, be ever more competitive and leverage its assets to ensure security, manage climate change, and revolutionise numerous industries, including agriculture, transportation, and energy. Space from and for Europe. waveL is fully committed.

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