Crisis - What Crisis?

The Corona-Covid crisis is all but a communication crisis. Despite the obvious isolation that many of us have to live in now, we are communicating more than ever. It’s not social distancing, it’s social convergence. We’re not shutting down, we’re opening up. It's just that it's all digital now. There is enormous potential, for individuals and institutions, for innovators and investors, for corporations and communicators, to tell their story. People are ready to listen. It's not a communication crisis, it's a chance, a journey, a quest for new forms of communication and connectivity in the digital space.

My Profile

I have a long-standing and profound experience as a PR&Communication executive in international corporations, public-private partnerships and highly attractive industries like space, chemical and media. Strong network in the international space business. I speak English, French and German. Speedy response and delivery in all time zones are key for my way of working.



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